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Congratulations on your visit! Why congratulations? Because we know how hard it can be to find the best flea collar and we know that you have a huge choice when it comes to your flea and tick treatment. But we also know that it can be completely overwhelming and confusing to decide what is the best option!

So we created Flea Collar Reviews, to help you make a truly informed decision. To help you understand the different types of flea and tick treatments available to you and through our flea collar reviews to help you decide if a flea collar is the right choice for your cat or your dog.

Now don’t be fooled. This website IS about flea collars for cats and flea collars for dogs, however, we also have a number of pages dedicated to alternate treatments, if you are not convinced that a flea collar is the right option. We truly want to give you the best chance you can get to make the right decision for your family and loved ones.

This site is constantly growing. We are always on the lookout for new products and regularly reviewing new products. With so many on the market, it’s a never ending challenge – but we are committed to providing you the best information so that the dog and or cat in your family is well protected and the fleas are kept at bay.


About Flea Collar Reviews

We have spent many, many hours reviewing different brands. From Seresto Collar Reviews, including sections dedicated to both dogs and cats. We also have sections dedicated to lots of other brands including Sentry, Adams, Coats, Arava, Zodiac and Heartgard. We have even looked into the new Pet Protector – that claims to give 4 years protection for only $80USD!


If you are looking for information on alternatives you can check out are articles on The Best Flea Treatment for Dogs and The Best Flea Treatment for Cats, along with information on Shampoos, Drops and Squeeze Ons, Chewables, Foggers and more.



The Best Flea and Tick Collar

There are so many collars on the market! But which is the best one? Here are our top picks for the best flea collars for 2017!


Best Flea Collar for Dogs


Best Flea Collar for Cats


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Pet Protector Reviews

Have you seen the new Pet Protector Disc? Designed to provide your pet a massive 4 years of protection against fleas and ticks, this product is absolutely revolutionary. Not only is it chemical free, but it is said to save you THOUSANDS of dollars over the 4 years! Click here to read our Pet Protector Reviews!

Seresto Collar Reviews

One of the most popular choices on the market for flea and tick treatment is Bayer Seresto. This collar is well recognized in the marketplace and our Seresto Reviews are comprehensive and cover a huge range of subjects. And best of all you can read the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Reviews – testimonials left by our customers!

We have a section dedicated to Seresto Cat Collar Reviews – this section is full of information, product facts, ingredient specifics and Seresto flea collar for cats reviews.

We also have a section on Seresto dog collar reviews – one size fits most, however, Seresto does have multiple sizes including the Seresto Collar for Large Dogs, and the Seresto Collar for Small Dogs.

We have a section dedicated to Seresto collar side effects. From Seresto collar warnings, details on the effects of the active ingredients, what you might expect from Seresto cat collar side effects and signs and symptoms to look out for from Seresto dog collar side effects – our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know!

If you are looking to save money on Seresto Flea and Tick control products, we also have a section on Seresto flea collar coupons and complete details, including a downloadable rebate form on our Seresto Rebate page. Don’t miss your Seresto collar rebate – it can be worth quite a lot of money!


Adams Flea and Tick Collar Reviews

Another popular section on Flea Collar Reviews is our section on the Adams flea and tick collar. We have written a comprehensive review on the Adams flea collar, along with the Adams Plus flea and tick collar. Read our Adam’s flea and tick reviews – which also looks at Adams Flea and Tick Spray Reviews, in case you are considering a different option!


Hartz Flea and Tick Reviews

Have you considered a Hartz Flea Collar? Check out our Hartz flea and tick collar reviews page – from the Hartz Ultraguard flea and tick collar to the Hartz Ultraguard Plus collar.

We have lots of information available for your consideration. We have also compiled a range of Hartz Ultraguard Plus reviews from our customers.


Sentry Flea and Tick Reviews

Sentry is another well-known name I the market place, and we look at the Sentry Flea and Tick Collar in detail on our Sentry flea collar reviews page. Another option that may be of interest is Sentry flea and tick shampoo.


Flea and Tick Alternatives

We fully appreciate that the flea and tick collars are not the only option on the market for treating flea and ticks in your beloved animals. Because of this, we have included a huge range of information on flea and tick alternative treatments