Have you ever wondered “how do flea collars work?” You certainly wouldn’t be alone. This article is designed to answer this question so you can make the right decision when selecting flea and tick control for your animal.

If you are a pet lover, one issue that your dog or cat has no doubt faced are flea and ticks. Fleas and ticks are not just a nuisance; they can also transmit deadly diseases to you and your animals. There are many flea remedies on the market, but whatever you decide you need to do your very best to get rid of the fleas as they can be dangerous for your animals. Fleas on Humans are avoidable, and the last thing you want to find in your home is fleas in carpet. But how can you successfully treat them? A flea collar for cats or a flea and tick collar for dogs, may just be the best answer, but do flea collars work?

How Do Flea Collars Work?

If you are patting your animals and see flea dirt (small grains of black dirt looking substance) then it is likely your pet has fleas. There are many types of fleas around, but the most common flea found in the US is the domestic cat flea (click here for pictures of fleas), which targets dogs, cats, and humans. In coastal areas, sand fleas are very common but are much harder to treat.

How Does Flea Medicine Work?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “how does flea medicine work?” you are probably not alone. With so many varieties of flea treatments available, knowing how flea medicine works can help you make a decision as to which treatment option is best for your situation.

First, there are two types of medicines, one type that repels pests and the other that treats them. If you choose a flea medicine that repels, you are selecting a product that repels pests by emitting gas.

  • Products that treat pests contain a medicine that either seeps into the fat layer on dogs’ skin or that spreads using the dog’s natural skin oils.
  • Products that repel pests work when a pest bites the dog or cat, while treatments (the second type) emit active ingredients that kill fleas and ticks when they come into contact with it before they bite.

These types of cat and dog collars are designed to either repel fleas or to do a combination of repelling and treating.

A popular option for treating fleas is the Seresto dog collar or a Seresto cat collar which work to treat fleas and ticks.


How do flea collars work? Are they the best answer?

Chemical based collars are proven to be one of the most effective treatments for fleas and ticks on the market. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to wonder “do flea collars work?” With large companies spending millions on advertising and marketing to make consumers buy their products, it is easy to wonder if we can believe what they tell us.

So let’s discuss this question in more detail. How does a flea collar work? And do flea collars work for cats and dogs?

Flea and tick collars are designed to break the life cycle of fleas and ticks and contain ingredients designed to both repel and treat pests. They are particularly effective for ticks because these collars rest around the dog’s neck which also happens to be where ticks gravitate.

The active ingredients in flea and tick collars (click here to read about typical flea collar side effects) spread over the dog or cat using their natural skin oils.

Some flea and tick treatments are a spot on that last single or multiple months, however, if you purchase an 8-month flea and tick collar, you can treat your pet quickly and effectively, with very little hassle and a low-frequency treatment period.

You should be aware that super inexpensive collars you’ll find at the grocery stores don’t tend to work very well as they only repel pests. Products like a Seresto flea and tick collar are highly recommended by Veterinarians across the country because they work! Speak to your local pet store, or get some recommendations from your vet and check what they think might be a suitable option for you.

How long does it take for flea medicine to work?

When you are hunting for the best flea collar for dogs or the best flea collar for cats, you should make sure that you select a quality product that acts quickly. A Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar is designed to act in just hours as it is an absorption-based product which is very effective. When using a Seresto collar, fleas have an expected life of just 24 hours once the collar is applied and as little as only 2 hours if they are a new infestation arriving on the animal.

What is the best flea and tick collar?

If you haven’t yet read out Flea Collar Reviews, they are a great place to get full details on what we believe is the best flea and tick collar. Click here to read about the Seresto Dog Collar or here for the Seresto Cat Collar.

Whether you are looking for a Seresto large dog collar, a Seresto small dog collar, or a Seresto Cat collar, our Seresto reviews provide complete, detailed information on the full Seresto collar range.


What other options are there?

There are so many different flea and tick treatments on the market it can be hard to pick the best. Flea Collar Reviews is designed to give you all the information you need about the best flea collars, however we acknowledge that you have plenty of other options, so before making a final decision, we’ll discuss some more options below. Flea collars can be an ideal solution, but what about other options? Did you know you can even buy prescription flea treatments?

Flea & Tick Collars

Other favorite brands of flea & tick collars include:


Flea Dip

A flea dip is a concentrated chemical that gets diluted in water and applied to the animal’s fur with a sponge or quite quickly poured over the back. It is not like a shampoo bath, so it is not rinsed off after it is applied. Some traditional flea dips for cats and dogs include –


Flea Pills for dogs and cats

Oral flea treatment, or the flea pills for dogs and cats, are given to prevent fleas from harming your pets. While some topical flea and tick treatments, such as Frontline for cats and dogs or Revolution for dogs, could leave areas of your pet somewhat unprotected from fleas, oral medication like Comfortis and Nexgard provide protection for your pet’s entire body.

Some popular flea pills for dogs and cats include (click for details):

Flea Fogger or Flea Bombs

A flea fogger or flea bomb is a very popular way to treat a flea infestation around your home and can help reduce flea problems. Flea bombs spray a continuous stream of pesticides which moves around the room and settles to kill the fleas. Some popular flea fogger brands/products include (click for details):


do flea collars work

Diatomaceous Earth – a natural alternative

Diatomaceous Earth

A favorite natural product, Diatomaceous earth essentially dehydrates the fleas and ticks so they cannot live. Diatomaceious earth can be very efficient and with the focus on going natural, is becoming hugely popular as it is a natural product. So by treating with diatomaceous earth fleas are treated without the use of harmful chemicals that could have adverse effects.



Spot on flea and tick control are one of the more popular methods of controlling these annoying insects. Quick and easy to use, these treatments are a quick application and can be done in mere seconds. Treatment will need to be repeated on a more regular basis than an eight-month flea collar. However, it is still an attractive option.

Some of the most popular spot-on treatments include (please click for details):



Flea and tick sprays are a quick and easy way of treating your animal. However, regular repetition is necessary. Some very popular flea and tick sprays include (click for details):



Flea and tick treatment shampoos can be an easy treatment option if you already regularly bath your pet. They can be much more gentle on your pet than some other chemical based sprays. There are many natural options on the market. Some popular flea and tick shampoos include (click for details):


Homemade Options

Creating a homemade flea killer is another popular option. The effectiveness of such products can vary depending on the goods and ingredients used. A quick google search will reveal a huge variety of suggestions, however many of these suggestions will not kill them. Many owners find they need to try a few different options first. If you are time poor, trial and error of a homemade flea killer may mean they are not the best choice for you.

Warnings about flea treatment side effects

Flea and tick products are chemical based insecticides. Please remember these key points.

  • You should prevent them from coming into contact with the skin
  • Keep them away from children. Keeping your family healthy is of the utmost importance.
  • Insecticide poisoning is a real issue, and consequences can be fatal.
  • In the case of an emergency, you should contact 911.


So do flea collars work? With the correct application and by utilizing a high-quality product like the Bayer Seresto collar, we are happy to conclude that flea collars do work!